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Blue Damselfly

I found a strange shaped piece of wood, with stems and leaves carved on it, covered in dust and partly dotted with woodworm in the back of my barn. after doing some research I realised it was part of an old Breton cupboard bed or 'Lit clos'. The old rural houses here in Brittany in the 1800's often had these closed box beds which offered privacy in a busy shared living space and protection from draughts! I salvaged the bits of it that weren't rotten and realised how beautiful the wood and the carving was and that perhaps I could use it in my art.

This damselfly I painted on a piece of wood with a carved stem, I highlighted the stem in gold and then painted the damselfly resting on the stem. I love watching these damselflies flying and resting in the long grass of my orchard on a summer afternoon, they look quite magical and I can get quite close to observe every little detail which I then love to sketch and paint. Blue Damselfly is for sale €85