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Capture your most precious memories and preserve them forever in a unique work of art. Each piece is created to your specific design, ensuring that your art is as personal and unique as you are. Whether it's a stunning home or business sign, a heartfelt pet portrait, or a priceless keepsake for a new baby, your custom piece of art will be a treasured heirloom for many years. Tailored to your specific design requirements, I use only the finest reclaimed French oak and chestnut boards, vintage Breton slate and canvas to produce distinctive artwork.

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Julia is the Bird in France

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Julia Bird is the Bird in France

Hi I'm Julia and I became a 'Bird In France' when I decided to move from the Fens of East England to the heart of Brittany in France.

I love using natural materials and vintage and recycled items in my work. The colours and textures in French oak and old Breton roof slates, and the rounded curves of coastal stones have become unique canvases that seem to perfectly showcase my work.