News from the Bird table!

Well the Bird In France website has finally managed to take flight and land online!

Quite a challenge for this human Bird, who is much more comfortable at her art table.

The swallows dipping and wheeling in the Breton summer evening light are the inspiration for my latest piece of art. And the image is enhanced even more by this gorgeous piece of old Mallorcan olive wood.

Here it is in progress. This will soon be available to buy on the website. So keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure it will quickly fly away!


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  • Julia has just done the third painting of our dog on slate. The first two my sister’s and my dogs and this last one my daughter’s dog. They are magnificent! Julia is absolutely brilliant at getting a perfect likeness. I love her work she is so talented. It’s worth getting things sent all the way to 🇦🇺!

    Barbara Bird

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