• Amadeus or The story of the 'not so wild' boar!

    The story of Amadeus, the ‘not so’ wild boar and Daddy of Butch & Sundance, The Tamworth Two
  • ‘Beautifully wild’ my creative idea to bring the beauty of nature into our homes!

    With most of us in different places around the world now living in some form of lockdown or at least a severe curtailment of our normal freedom of...
  • Getting ready for the holiday season

    Working all hours at the minute, trying to create my beautiful hand-painted bird Christmas decorations. They have always been popular and as I am taking part in a virtual Christmas fayre at the weekend I thought I'd better get ahead. As always my loyal and faithful Bob dog is keeping me company in my workshop.
  • The artist at work

    Just a few before and after pictures to give you an idea of what it is I do and how the process works with regards to creating your beautiful pet portraits. I also adore painting the birds that frequent my garden. Nature is awesome and the beauty of it never ceases to amaze me.
  • Inspired by nature

    This little oak off-cut was just waiting for my newly created barn owl transfer.
  • News from the Bird table!

    Recycled Mallorcan olive wood with two hand-painted swallows.